Not Just an Apartment – It’s an Adventure Game

This is too cool for words. An apartment designed to be a real-life adventure game, full of secret compartments and hidden messages.

The Post family in New York got a posh apartment. They hired an architect as an interior designer. The father commented in an off-hand way that he’d like a message hidden for his family somewhere in the place – a bottle containing a poem he’d written for them.

The architect, Eric Clough, went off on one.

“I was thinking that maybe there could be a game or a scavenger hunt embedded in the apartment — that was the beginning,” he said.

Before long, his firm, 212box, was knee-deep in code and cipher books, furnituremakers were devising secret compartments, and Mr. Clough’s former colleague, Heather Bensko, an architectural and graphic designer who had been his best friend at the Yale School of Architecture, found herself researching the lives of 40 historical figures, starting with Francis I of France and ending with Mrs. Post.

The result is a real-life adventure game, an apartment that is actually a mystery waiting to be solved. The full story is awesome. Go check it out on the New York Times website.

Too cool for words.

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