Researchers Torch Their Own Department

Here’s a really straightforward example of a game adaptation that works.

fireSome guys at Durham University have used the Source engine from Half-Life 2 to create a fire drill trainer for their department.

If you’re a player of first-person shooter games and their mods, this is an obvious kind of good idea.

You start walking around an environment that accurately represents the Comp. Sci department at the uni. Then the alarm goes off and you’ve got to run for your life. Since first-person 3d shooters are great at training navigation and spatial recognition, this is a great way to prepare people for navigating through the building without getting burned to a crisp or choking on the fumes from burning server clusters.

Plus, there’s a delicious irony to the thought of Comp. Sci. researchers from Durham University painstakingly re-creating their department, then burning the place to the ground.

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