MP for a Week – WIN

Britain’s Parliament just published a video game that’s meant to give a taste of what it’s like being a back-bench MP. It’s pretty good. WIN, in fact. MP for a Week isn’t an action-filled extravaganza or a feast of beautiful 3D graphics. Instead, it’s an innovative interactive experience that uses good, relevant gameplay and good […]

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1066 – Game Design FAIL

The Norman invasion of England. It seems like the perfect topic to approach with gaming. It’s history, it’s dramatic, and best of all it’s about battles. The game was developed by Preloaded and published by Channel 4, to go along with the drama series of the same title. I’m a huge fan of Channel 4’s […]

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The Great Spotify Experiment

I’ve been having a lot of fun with Spotify lately. It’s a nifty, nifty piece of tech. Finally, someone’s cracked out a business model that works with digital media. One feature that I really like is shared playlists. You can create a playlist and share the address, and anyone with the address can add a […]

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BeeBCamp2 – The Morning After

UPDATE: I can’t keep track of all the blog posts, videos and bhotos that have been posted as a result of BeeBCamp2. Should have known that trying to manually catalogue the internet was futile. So there’s plenty below, but for anything posted after 23 Feb 2009, your best bet is here. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: BEEBCAMP 2. […]

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Raid Gaza Makes a Point

There’s a nice little internet storm brewing up over Raid Gaza. It’s an uber-simplified real -time strategy game where you play the Israelis. As missiles curl out of Gaza, you respond by building tanks, soldiers and aircraft to blast the densely populated slums. The goal is to get as high a kill ratio as possible […]

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There’s a new kid on the block. Meet the latest scion of the Molleindustria family, younger brother of the excellent McDonald’s Video Game and Faith Fighter. It’s Oiligarchy. Molleindustria is an Italian-based group of artists, programmers and designers who are making a habit of creating really interesting games. They describe their goal in stirring terms: […]

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