What he said.

There’s a good article on Rock, Paper, Shotgun germane to what we’ve been talking about here on Meme Vector.

Jim Rossignol writes:

Games aren’t a waste of time. Don’t let their fun facade fool you: they’re changing us, enabling to defeat with complex problems and navigate strange spaces. They’re improving and educating the people who play them, transmitting radical political ideas, hard-wiring untested neural connections. […] We’re becoming skilled surgeons who learn with gamepads, we’re becoming motivated politicians who fight inequality with digital worlds, and we’re becoming human computers – nodes in a future of brain-powered processing we could barely have imagined just a few years ago. Gamers will save the world, and that process is only getting started.

Heady stuff, with plenty of game examples mentioned (including several you can link to from here). The article is well worth a read.

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