Why Online Video Sucks

Ten hours of video get submitted to YouTube every minute, but the 90/9/1 rule holds, most of the time. If you’re running an app where user contributions are important, 90% of your users will just lurk, contributing nothing 9% of your users will contribute from time to time, 1% of your users will contribute often […]

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Three Rules for Online Video

How do you make an online video successful? I’ve been looking at the charts daily for a year, and I think I’ve found some patterns. This week at BeeBCamp I had the opportunity to talk about this with some people who know far more about this than I do. With their help, I’ve come to […]

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London, YouTube Torched

Today, the Olympic torch is making its way through London, where I live. Of course, it’s being covered by all the media. There’s some tension: a lot of people in this city view the torch passing as the perfect opportunity to send a message to the powers in Beijing. The BBC covered the torch relay live. […]

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