Hello Citizenside

It’s official – I’m the new Editor in Chief of Citizenside. There’s even a press release, if you’re into that sort of thing. Citizenside is a Paris-based startup that has become one of the world’s largest citizen journalism agencies. The concept is simple: now that many people carry a phone capable of taking photos and […]

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We, the Medium

The audience has mutated. Consider exhibit A, this video: It’s been sweeping the viral video nets over here. Over 700,000 hits in a week is pretty damn good. UPDATE: This video has accrued over 6.8 million hits in 11 days. It’s the most shared video on the net right now, according to viralvideochart. This vid […]

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Why Online Video Sucks

Ten hours of video get submitted to YouTube every minute, but the 90/9/1 rule holds, most of the time. If you’re running an app where user contributions are important, 90% of your users will just lurk, contributing nothing 9% of your users will contribute from time to time, 1% of your users will contribute often […]

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Happy Birthday, Space Invaders

It’s been 20 years since Space Invaders taught us that the alien hordes will approach zig-zag fashion through the sky in even, serried ranks. Happy Birthday, Space Invaders! In honour of this momentous occasion, here is a totally whacked out Sunday-evening anime head trip . . . I wonder what the single character they form […]

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Recession = More Gaming

For years, I’ve been hearing that video games are bigger business than movies and music combined. But no one seems to know where this statistic comes from. It could be true. One thing that is clear is that video game sales (hardware and software combined) are going through a period of explosive growth right now. […]

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Pass the Ammo

What makes some stuff spread through the internet like a flame through a field of firecrackers, while other stuff sits on YouTube for weeks and gets crap-all attention? And how do you make the good viral meme stuff? Mark wrote about this recently. The trick seems to be in creating unique bespoke content for the […]

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