How to Fix Reality

(Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Play to Victory) Jane McGonigal delivered a really good presentation about game design at GDC this year.  It’s called ‘Reality is Broken.’ Game designers pretty much have it all figured out. We’ve invented a medium that kicks every other medium’s ass. As game designers, we own more […]

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Design Game, Save World

You think that headline is a joke? It may seem funny, but check out the best thing to come out of GDC this year: this rant by Jane McGonigal. Here are her slides. Watch it. Awesomeness. It has catalyzed a deep vein of enthusiasm in my mind, now pumping out with caffeine-accellerated energy. More coherent […]

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Video Games and Current Affairs

Hope you liked the presentation. The slides are available here. I’m always happy to talk about it if you have any comments, questions, observations, reactions or responses. You can get my mail in the About section. Go on and check out the other posts if you’re in the mood for some more in-depth ramblings on […]

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