MP for a Week – WIN

Britain’s Parliament just published a video game that’s meant to give a taste of what it’s like being a back-bench MP. It’s pretty good. WIN, in fact. MP for a Week isn’t an action-filled extravaganza or a feast of beautiful 3D graphics. Instead, it’s an innovative interactive experience that uses good, relevant gameplay and good […]

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Gamers = Better Citizens, part II

Gamers make better citizens. Or at least, good citizen-type people tend to also be gamers. The causality isn’t clear yet, but thanks to some recent research, we now know there’s a correlation. People who play video games tend to be more engaged citizens. That’s the headline from the Pew Internet Project report I mentioned a […]

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Wealth, Power . . . Gaming.

The Entertainment Software Association is the pro-game lobby group in the US. Now they’re starting to play a new game: election politics. Capitalizing on its improved respectability, the video game industry intends to establish a political action committee to donate money to game-friendly politicians and candidates. “We will be writing checks to campaigns by the […]

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