The intimacy of disaster: why journalism is personal, and the main challenge of 21st century media

I’m starting to see patterns in people’s memories of the 9/11 attacks. I’ve been reading a lot of people’s stories lately, as we’re collecting them over at Citizenside. When you’ve read enough of these recollections, you start seeing patterns. One motif keeps coming back time after time: the phone call from a loved one. At […]

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Paywalls, in Norwegian

Kristine Lowe of the Norwegian Online News Association’s blog, picked up on my earlier post on paywalls. I speak a little Swedish, so I can just about understand a little Norwegian. But only just. So please forgive me if I’ve misunderstood. I’m not saying that the Times’ paywall system is necessarily the best answer. But […]

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Why do journalists focus on story so much? There are other ways of gaining and transmitting understanding. Stories are necessarily limited. A narrative has to use characters, locations, a clear plot. These are necessarily artificial – an abstraction of reality. What about complex systems? Like climate change. Like the national budget. The arms trade. Or […]

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Paradigm Shift: News is Community

news●pa●per (noun) (pl. –a●pers): a community website, with articles as the objects people interact around. Is blogging journalism? Is it ruining journalism? What do the “professionals” do with the “audience” when every member of that audience can broadcast themselves to each other – without us? You could ask: what’s the point in having journalists at […]

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Harpooned – an editorial point

You’ve heard about the Japanese whaling research expeditions in Antarctic waters. As a journalist, I naturally have no opinion about this, but there are at least three aussies who do, and they’ve just made an editorial game expressing them – Harpooned. Voila le traileur: Download and play the game for free at their website. UPDATE: […]

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