Why do journalists focus on story so much? There are other ways of gaining and transmitting understanding. Stories are necessarily limited. A narrative has to use characters, locations, a clear plot. These are necessarily artificial – an abstraction of reality. What about complex systems? Like climate change. Like the national budget. The arms trade. Or […]

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Milo and the Ethics of Xbox Natal

So who’s seen Milo? Those of you who are avid gamers like me know what (who?) I’m talking about.  The Natal system was unveiled last week during E3: a motion-sensing, controllerless interface for the Xbox. It’s bleeding-edge stuff. The system performs motion-capture in real time, can recognize faces and voices, and allows for a whole […]

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Journalism on Xbox

Imagine a factual game on a console. Tough market? Sure. Prestige? You bet! The potential for impact is high. Releasing to console is a pipeline into 10 million homes, if you’re talking about Xbox. And I am – trouble is that releasing a game to console typically takes years and millions of dollars. Well, not […]

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