We, the Medium

The audience has mutated. Consider exhibit A, this video: It’s been sweeping the viral video nets over here. Over 700,000 hits in a week is pretty damn good. UPDATE: This video has accrued over 6.8 million hits in 11 days. It’s the most shared video on the net right now, according to viralvideochart. This vid […]

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Gamers? There’s no such thing.

“Gamers,” as a demographic group, exist in a different way than “readers” or “TV viewers.” Mostly that’s because everybody reads or watches TV to some extent, and it’s not terribly useful to talk about a section of the population if that section is the population. Increasingly, though, the same thing is happening with gaming. BBC […]

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Rant: Oldtimers Unbellyfeel Gaming

Right, that’s it. I’m pissed off, honest to blog. Recently someone I was corresponding with warned in grave fashion that video games were eating their children, that they enhance addictive tendencies and unchecked will consume all spare time to the exclusion of any other form of play. Here’s a medium that’s arguably more powerful than […]

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