Sunday Linkage

So far, no feeds here at just another meme vector (though you can catch mine from the link in the right-hand bar, if you want to cyber-stalk me that way). But here’s two things I found cool this weekend. A great post by Kevin Anderson on the future of newspapers. And a hell of […]

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NPR Radio: Are Video Games Art?

National Public radio in the US has been running some interesting pieces on video games recently. Lately they’ve taken a stab at a question that becomes more and more important as gaming revenues continue to swell: Are video games art? Other media have a long history of relevant, moving social commentary. Movies and books lately […]

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London, YouTube Torched

Today, the Olympic torch is making its way through London, where I live. Of course, it’s being covered by all the media. There’s some tension: a lot of people in this city view the torch passing as the perfect opportunity to send a message to the powers in Beijing. The BBC covered the torch relay live. […]

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Shoot the President

Can games be journalism? Take a look at Exhibit A: JFK Reloaded, from now-defunct Scottish game studio Traffic Management Games. It’s a first-person shooter designed to accurately model what happened at about half-past noon on November 22, 1963. You are in the position of Lee Harvey Oswald – on the sixth floor of the Texas […]

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Taking up Space

People are reading less and less. They’re also watching less and less TV. The reason? They’re switching to interactive entertainment like the internet and video games.Here’s a piece of bricks-and-mortar support for that wild inference. Borders, one of the largest book retail chains in the UK, has started selling video games. This may seem like […]

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How to Fix Reality

(Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Play to Victory) Jane McGonigal delivered a really good presentation about game design at GDC this year.  It’s called ‘Reality is Broken.’ Game designers pretty much have it all figured out. We’ve invented a medium that kicks every other medium’s ass. As game designers, we own more […]

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Journalism on Xbox

Imagine a factual game on a console. Tough market? Sure. Prestige? You bet! The potential for impact is high. Releasing to console is a pipeline into 10 million homes, if you’re talking about Xbox. And I am – trouble is that releasing a game to console typically takes years and millions of dollars. Well, not […]

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