BeeBCamp – The Morning After

More like evening after, but here we are. Good parties are hard to wake up from. BeeBCamp happened yesterday – it was an unconference that I organized with Roo, Mark, and David Hayward from the BBC College of Journalism (internal link). The idea was simple: let’s get everyone at the BBC working on new media […]

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Entering the Genre Wars

With thanks to John Thynne for his recent mail: “It strikes me that games like Insurgency and America’s Army are still shoot-em-ups even if their story line has a current affairs theme.” It’s true – the most successful games out there are shoot-em-ups, serious game or not. Half-Life and the Halo series spring to mind. […]

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Insurgency is a 3D shooter game set in contemporary Iraq. You play either a US Marine or an Iraqi insurgent and fight it out. You can see the trailer here or DL a hi-res version here. Now, the interesting thing about this is that the whole project was started by a soldier who’d come back […]

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