Knockout: Facebook positions to take a piece of global Influencer marketing budgets

Image: Wikipedia Over the past few months, Facebook has made three changes to the way influencer marketing works. Together, these changes give Facebook Inc. a very strong position in influencer marketing, and a good shot at eating a big slice of the global influencer marketing money pie. So what have they done? First, they’ve made […]

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The Reach Delusion

Social validation, not reach, is the main advantage of an influencer marketing campaign. Influencers can give a marketing or communications campaign an advantage that nothing else can. What is it? A lot of people say “It’s reach! Influencers are a great way of reaching my millennial audience.” Yeah, maybe. But I’d argue that an influencer […]

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Why most influencer marketing fails

The wave has peaked, and we’re sliding down the frothy slope now: people have realized that most influencer marketing is bullshit. Thank God. It’s about time the industry saw some sense. A bit of context: this article appeared a couple of days ago in Digiday, featuring some revelations from an anonymous social media marketing exec. With nearly 37 […]

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