Campaign Rush – FAIL

Well, I’m a bit disappointed. Ian Bogost just launched Campaign Rush, a flash game about the 2008 US presidential election. You pick a ticket – Democrat or Republican – and then have to manage campaign workers in that party’s war room. The phones are ringing, the e-mails are coming in, and your busy little campaign […]

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Gamers? There’s no such thing.

“Gamers,” as a demographic group, exist in a different way than “readers” or “TV viewers.” Mostly that’s because everybody reads or watches TV to some extent, and it’s not terribly useful to talk about a section of the population if that section is the population. Increasingly, though, the same thing is happening with gaming. BBC […]

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Budget Hero

This is a perfect example of how exploring an issue through play can make great journalism. Check out the link and find out all about the US federal budget. Usually this is a fiercely complex topic, with reams and reams of spreadsheets – a general all around snore-fest. It’s one of those stories that’s important, […]

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