Gamers? There’s no such thing.

“Gamers,” as a demographic group, exist in a different way than “readers” or “TV viewers.” Mostly that’s because everybody reads or watches TV to some extent, and it’s not terribly useful to talk about a section of the population if that section is the population. Increasingly, though, the same thing is happening with gaming. BBC […]

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Sex, sex, sex. And video games.

(Now, there’s a post title that should get plenty of search hits!) Games are a maturing medium. One day, perhaps, we’ll see games that are significant commentaries on life, the universe and everything – and we’ve gotten some that are better than others in that regard. But on the whole, games aren’t there yet. Daniel […]

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Sunday Linkage

So far, no feeds here at just another meme vector (though you can catch mine from the link in the right-hand bar, if you want to cyber-stalk me that way). But here’s two things I found cool this weekend. A great post by Kevin Anderson on the future of newspapers. And a hell of […]

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Is Gaming Melting our Brains?

In a recent article, Baroness Professor Susan Greenfield (right) has voiced some pretty significant concerns about video games. With their explosive growth into mainstream culture, video games are taking up more and more of our collective brain cycles. What effect will this have on our species? Quite a profound one, she suggests. I agree – […]

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How to Fix Reality

(Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Play to Victory) Jane McGonigal delivered a really good presentation about game design at GDC this year.  It’s called ‘Reality is Broken.’ Game designers pretty much have it all figured out. We’ve invented a medium that kicks every other medium’s ass. As game designers, we own more […]

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Design Game, Save World

You think that headline is a joke? It may seem funny, but check out the best thing to come out of GDC this year: this rant by Jane McGonigal. Here are her slides. Watch it. Awesomeness. It has catalyzed a deep vein of enthusiasm in my mind, now pumping out with caffeine-accellerated energy. More coherent […]

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Journalism on Xbox

Imagine a factual game on a console. Tough market? Sure. Prestige? You bet! The potential for impact is high. Releasing to console is a pipeline into 10 million homes, if you’re talking about Xbox. And I am – trouble is that releasing a game to console typically takes years and millions of dollars. Well, not […]

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