Should the BBC make games?

Off the back of Adrian Hon’s excellent post on the Death of the BBC and the case for public service games, I’ve been taken up in discussions with a couple of work colleagues about whether the BBC should make games at all. Some say that the BBC shouldn’t get into gaming, because then it would […]

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Blow me away, my friend

For a big part of my life, I’ve made and maintained friendships through violence. Not real violence, of course. But simulated weaponry and fantasy combat is the glue that binds my gang in Montreal. It’s also cementing the connections between members of the pick-up Halo team that I play with here in London. Playing together […]

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There’s a new kid on the block. Meet the latest scion of the Molleindustria family, younger brother of the excellent McDonald’s Video Game and Faith Fighter. It’s Oiligarchy. Molleindustria is an Italian-based group of artists, programmers and designers who are making a habit of creating really interesting games. They describe their goal in stirring terms: […]

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Gamers = Better Citizens, part II

Gamers make better citizens. Or at least, good citizen-type people tend to also be gamers. The causality isn’t clear yet, but thanks to some recent research, we now know there’s a correlation. People who play video games tend to be more engaged citizens. That’s the headline from the Pew Internet Project report I mentioned a […]

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Recession = More Gaming

For years, I’ve been hearing that video games are bigger business than movies and music combined. But no one seems to know where this statistic comes from. It could be true. One thing that is clear is that video game sales (hardware and software combined) are going through a period of explosive growth right now. […]

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BeeBCamp – The Morning After

More like evening after, but here we are. Good parties are hard to wake up from. BeeBCamp happened yesterday – it was an unconference that I organized with Roo, Mark, and David Hayward from the BBC College of Journalism (internal link). The idea was simple: let’s get everyone at the BBC working on new media […]

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Save the Video Game

This is amusing. GameCity has launched a campaign to Save the Video Game. OK, so the video game isn’t exactly under threat, even if there’s plenty of talk in that direction from people like Susan Greenfield. But it’s a good thought experiment. If I were contributing to the archive, my top three would be Civilization, […]

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Drop that Shiv, Here’s a Gamepad

Here’s something interesting. The UK Prison Service is banning 18-rated video games for inmates. Other video games are allowed, but only to those who have earned perks through good behaviour.  “We should not forget the usefulness of these games to prison officers and governors keeping order in overcrowded prisons,” Geoff Dobson, deputy director of the […]

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