Isn’t Blasphemy a Laugh?

Games as editorial cartoons: Molleindustria, makers of the amusing (and clever!) Macdonald’s Video Game, have scored a below-the-belt hit with Faith Fighter. It uses comedy and gameplay to convey a rhetorical point. I won’t spoil the fun by telling you what it is – though you might get an idea from their game description: “Faith […]

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Games. The final frontier.

America’s Army must have been a success, because now NASA is getting in on the game. They’re launching a massively multiplayer online game about – what else? – space exploration. Way cool. They’ve got this idea that a vast online space simulator could be a great way to get kids interested in space exploration. They’ve […]

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Flavour of the Month is . . . ARG

Alternate reality games. Everybody is into these now. Even the BBC has become infected with ARG fever – Radio 1 did a nice little number with Frozen Indigo Angel this summer. Worked with some real pros. There’s good reason for the infatuation. ARGs have a demonstrated ability to attract huge audiences and generate huge buzz. […]

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