1066 – Game Design FAIL

The Norman invasion of England. It seems like the perfect topic to approach with gaming. It’s history, it’s dramatic, and best of all it’s about battles. The game was developed by Preloaded and published by Channel 4, to go along with the drama series of the same title. I’m a huge fan of Channel 4’s […]

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Web 2.0 – All about game.

Some interesting headlines coming out of Web 2.0 in SF this week. You can turn just about anything into a game. Game Design in a broad sense is just the idea that you can structure any user experience in ways that inherently encourage participation. Fundamentally, a game is just an incentive system. You can incorporate […]

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Design Game, Save World

You think that headline is a joke? It may seem funny, but check out the best thing to come out of GDC this year: this rant by Jane McGonigal. Here are her slides. Watch it. Awesomeness. It has catalyzed a deep vein of enthusiasm in my mind, now pumping out with caffeine-accellerated energy. More coherent […]

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Immanent Gaming

Game dynamics are about motivating people. And you can put game dynamics into almost any activity to motivate people to participate. Like running, for instance. Jane McGonigal, doyenne of the ARG world, has Nikes (and a little imagination) that make running into a video game. She’s just posted on the shoes she’s using – they’re […]

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