Why most influencer marketing fails

The wave has peaked, and we’re sliding down the frothy slope now: people have realized that most influencer marketing is bullshit. Thank God. It’s about time the industry saw some sense. A bit of context: this article appeared a couple of days ago in Digiday, featuring some revelations from an anonymous social media marketing exec. With nearly 37 […]

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Better than storytelling: Four reasons interactivity is the future of PR

Many people in PR, advertising and communications put great pride in storytelling. Are they missing something? Storytelling is a powerful tool. But storytelling is just one way of sharing understanding and spreading ideas. Like any tool, it has strengths but also limitations. There’s another way: interactive experiences like apps, visualizations and games can also be […]

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New Horizons

It’s official: I’m leaving Citizenside to take on a post as Account Director at Edelman Digital. There I’ll be designing interactive communications strategy and working up crisis response scenarios, as well as a whole bunch of other fascinating stuff. I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in. It seems like interesting times at Edelman. The […]

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