Gamers? There’s no such thing.

“Gamers,” as a demographic group, exist in a different way than “readers” or “TV viewers.” Mostly that’s because everybody reads or watches TV to some extent, and it’s not terribly useful to talk about a section of the population if that section is the population. Increasingly, though, the same thing is happening with gaming. BBC […]

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Sex, sex, sex. And video games.

(Now, there’s a post title that should get plenty of search hits!) Games are a maturing medium. One day, perhaps, we’ll see games that are significant commentaries on life, the universe and everything – and we’ve gotten some that are better than others in that regard. But on the whole, games aren’t there yet. Daniel […]

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NPR Radio: Are Video Games Art?

National Public radio in the US has been running some interesting pieces on video games recently. Lately they’ve taken a stab at a question that becomes more and more important as gaming revenues continue to swell: Are video games art? Other media have a long history of relevant, moving social commentary. Movies and books lately […]

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Games as Art? . . . Who cares?

Interesting article in Gamasutra a couple of days ago. (I know, I know, I’m late with this – but I’ve been working on other stuff lately.) Jim Preston wades hip deep into the “Are video games art?” debate. Rather than concluding yes or no, he suggests (correctly, I’d say)  that the point is moot: As […]

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