How to Fix Reality

(Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Play to Victory) Jane McGonigal delivered a really good presentation about game design at GDC this year.  It’s called ‘Reality is Broken.’ Game designers pretty much have it all figured out. We’ve invented a medium that kicks every other medium’s ass. As game designers, we own more […]

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Channel 4 – Scores!

Channel 4 Education has just announced that they’re scrapping a load of television content in favour of interactive web offerings. Media Guardian has the details. They’re cancelling a lot of Education TV – which makes sense, as most of it was on while the kids were in school. (How did that seem like a good […]

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Flavour of the Month is . . . ARG

Alternate reality games. Everybody is into these now. Even the BBC has become infected with ARG fever – Radio 1 did a nice little number with Frozen Indigo Angel this summer. Worked with some real pros. There’s good reason for the infatuation. ARGs have a demonstrated ability to attract huge audiences and generate huge buzz. […]

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