Games. The final frontier.

America’s Army must have been a success, because now NASA is getting in on the game. They’re launching a massively multiplayer online game about – what else? – space exploration. Way cool. They’ve got this idea that a vast online space simulator could be a great way to get kids interested in space exploration. They’ve […]

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Entering the Genre Wars

With thanks to John Thynne for his recent mail: “It strikes me that games like Insurgency and America’s Army are still shoot-em-ups even if their story line has a current affairs theme.” It’s true – the most successful games out there are shoot-em-ups, serious game or not. Half-Life and the Halo series spring to mind. […]

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More on America’s Army

I just found this interesting interview about America’s Army. It’s with Marsha Berry, the game’s software manager. Says Marsha: “The goal for America’s Army was always to create an innovative and entertaining way to educate the public about the Army. We uphold the strictest standards for our game and make sure it enforces the Army’s […]

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