Should the BBC make games?

Off the back of Adrian Hon’s excellent post on the Death of the BBC and the case for public service games, I’ve been taken up in discussions with a couple of work colleagues about whether the BBC should make games at all. Some say that the BBC shouldn’t get into gaming, because then it would […]

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Hive Mind Challenge: the Wrap Up

Whew, it’s done. Hive Mind Challenge 1.0 has come and gone like a whirlwind. You’ll remember that the Hive Mind Challenge is a game that Adrian Hon and I developed. It’s a cheating pub quiz – you’re allowed, and supposed, to use any means necessary to answer the questions. This includes searching the internet and […]

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GameCamp ’08

I spent a big chunk of yesterday sitting in Sony’s living room talking about games with interesting people. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday. The occasion was GameCamp London – an unconference about games. As an event, it could have been the bastard mashup of a gaming conference and a private loft party […]

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