Rules for Penny Luck

In which are explained the various rules, and variations, of luck-obtention in the finding and picking up pennies on the street When I was growing up, in Montreal, and old enough to just have learned where babies come from, I also learned about penny luck. The idea is simple. If you find a penny on […]

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New Horizons

It’s official: I’m leaving Citizenside to take on a post as Account Director at Edelman Digital. There I’ll be designing interactive communications strategy and working up crisis response scenarios, as well as a whole bunch of other fascinating stuff. I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in. It seems like interesting times at Edelman. The […]

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Four reasons game dynamics are vital for networked journalism

The rise of social media has obliterated barriers to entry for the media industries. Advanced capabilities once reserved for well-funded teams with expensive equipment are now more or less universally accessible. At this very moment, thousands of people with nothing more than a smartphone and mobile signal are publishing newsworthy photos and videos online. Coping […]

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The intimacy of disaster: why journalism is personal, and the main challenge of 21st century media

I’m starting to see patterns in people’s memories of the 9/11 attacks. I’ve been reading a lot of people’s stories lately, as we’re collecting them over at Citizenside. When you’ve read enough of these recollections, you start seeing patterns. One motif keeps coming back time after time: the phone call from a loved one. At […]

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From hunter-gatherer to farmer: evolution of the foreign correspondent

[I’m at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia. This post is cross-posted from the Citizenside blog] The task of foreign reporting is changing profoundly. Thanks to social media channels, readers from Ohio to Osaka can get information straight from the source in other countries. So do we still need foreign correspondents? Richard Sambrook, formerly head […]

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Hello Citizenside

It’s official – I’m the new Editor in Chief of Citizenside. There’s even a press release, if you’re into that sort of thing. Citizenside is a Paris-based startup that has become one of the world’s largest citizen journalism agencies. The concept is simple: now that many people carry a phone capable of taking photos and […]

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Stop Telling Stories

This is, more or less, the text of my presentation to the news:rewired conference at Microsoft HQ in London today. UPDATE: The BBC College of Journalism has posted video of my talk. Maybe journalists shouldn’t tell stories so much. Stories can be a great way of transmitting understanding about things that have happened. The trouble […]

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