Games. The final frontier.

America’s Army must have been a success, because now NASA is getting in on the game. They’re launching a massively multiplayer online game about – what else? – space exploration. Way cool. They’ve got this idea that a vast online space simulator could be a great way to get kids interested in space exploration. They’ve […]

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Channel 4 – Scores!

Channel 4 Education has just announced that they’re scrapping a load of television content in favour of interactive web offerings. Media Guardian has the details. They’re cancelling a lot of Education TV – which makes sense, as most of it was on while the kids were in school. (How did that seem like a good […]

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Insurgency is a 3D shooter game set in contemporary Iraq. You play either a US Marine or an Iraqi insurgent and fight it out. You can see the trailer here or DL a hi-res version here. Now, the interesting thing about this is that the whole project was started by a soldier who’d come back […]

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