Three Rules for Online Video

How do you make an online video successful? I’ve been looking at the charts daily for a year, and I think I’ve found some patterns. This week at BeeBCamp I had the opportunity to talk about this with some people who know far more about this than I do. With their help, I’ve come to […]

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Paradigm Shift: News is Community

news●pa●per (noun) (pl. –a●pers): a community website, with articles as the objects people interact around. Is blogging journalism? Is it ruining journalism? What do the “professionals” do with the “audience” when every member of that audience can broadcast themselves to each other – without us? You could ask: what’s the point in having journalists at […]

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Geisha 2.0

An ancient tradition, revived through the network: Geishas are taking to the web. For decades, the numbers of geisha training in Kyoto has been declining. A recent Guardian article attributes the decline to a crisis of reputation – during the end of the 20th century geisha came to be seen as “prostitutes in national dress.” […]

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Web 2.0 – All about game.

Some interesting headlines coming out of Web 2.0 in SF this week. You can turn just about anything into a game. Game Design in a broad sense is just the idea that you can structure any user experience in ways that inherently encourage participation. Fundamentally, a game is just an incentive system. You can incorporate […]

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London, YouTube Torched

Today, the Olympic torch is making its way through London, where I live. Of course, it’s being covered by all the media. There’s some tension: a lot of people in this city view the torch passing as the perfect opportunity to send a message to the powers in Beijing. The BBC covered the torch relay live. […]

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Social Gaming = Better People

Interesting point from Raph Koster: Most games throughout history have been multiplayer, if you think about it. Everything from chess to Monopoly. It’s only since the invention of video games that we have seen so many single-player games being invented – it used to be the exception, like Solitaire. So yes, I do agree that […]

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