The Great Spotify Experiment

I’ve been having a lot of fun with Spotify lately. It’s a nifty, nifty piece of tech. Finally, someone’s cracked out a business model that works with digital media. One feature that I really like is shared playlists. You can create a playlist and share the address, and anyone with the address can add a […]

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Here comes Clay Shirky

Can social media be useful for politics? Clay Shirky explored this question last night at the London School of Economics in a lecture chaired by Charlie Beckett. Shirky has been a proponent of the transformative power of social media for a long time. His book is a chronicle of how this new way of communicating […]

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The Future of Journalism

Last November I was invited to talk about video games as journalism at the Future of Journalism conference, an internal BBC event run by the BBC College of Journalism. Since it was an internal event, it was all off the record, but the conference proceedings will be published as a book, and I’m contributing an […]

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We, the Medium

The audience has mutated. Consider exhibit A, this video: It’s been sweeping the viral video nets over here. Over 700,000 hits in a week is pretty damn good. UPDATE: This video has accrued over 6.8 million hits in 11 days. It’s the most shared video on the net right now, according to viralvideochart. This vid […]

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Why Online Video Sucks

Ten hours of video get submitted to YouTube every minute, but the 90/9/1 rule holds, most of the time. If you’re running an app where user contributions are important, 90% of your users will just lurk, contributing nothing 9% of your users will contribute from time to time, 1% of your users will contribute often […]

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