Hello Citizenside

It’s official – I’m the new Editor in Chief of Citizenside. There’s even a press release, if you’re into that sort of thing. Citizenside is a Paris-based startup that has become one of the world’s largest citizen journalism agencies. The concept is simple: now that many people carry a phone capable of taking photos and […]

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Hive Mind Challenge: the Wrap Up

Whew, it’s done. Hive Mind Challenge 1.0 has come and gone like a whirlwind. You’ll remember that the Hive Mind Challenge is a game that Adrian Hon and I developed. It’s a cheating pub quiz – you’re allowed, and supposed, to use any means necessary to answer the questions. This includes searching the internet and […]

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Hive Mind Challenge

One evening a couple of weeks ago, my mate Neil called me. He wanted to know something specific: which of the Great Lakes drains through Niagara Falls? This isn’t usually the sort of thing he calls for, so I was a bit surprised. But it turned out that his girlfriend was at that very moment […]

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