Harpooned – an editorial point

You’ve heard about the Japanese whaling research expeditions in Antarctic waters. As a journalist, I naturally have no opinion about this, but there are at least three aussies who do, and they’ve just made an editorial game expressing them – Harpooned. Voila le traileur: Download and play the game for free at their website. UPDATE: […]

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CBC . . . scores!

UPDATE on jPod [This post brought to you thanks to Mark‘s sharp eyes, googlage, and commenting] Not only does the series look cool, the Mother Corp has scored a multiplatform goal with this one. There’s an in-character blog from triad boss Kam Fong, a website for Neotronic Arts, the book’s fictional game dev company . […]

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If you still think games can’t transmit serious messages, try this. Not much more to say. Just PLAY IT. Update: Passage is getting some choice reviews in the gaming blogosphere, like this one. And this, and this plea from Ian Bogost. Funny how it’s the sort of game that makes everyone quietly say ‘Please play […]

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