I’m a Game Designer, Dammit.

Saturday night I was at a house party in Brixton. I only knew the host, so between nacho-scoops of guacamole, I found myself repeating the opening gambit of ‘The Party Conversation’ (TM) several times. “Hi, I’m Philip,” I’d say, extending my hand. Handshake. “I’m Melanie. Hi.” “Nice to meet you.” “So, Philip, what do you […]

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Illiterates. [Sigh.]

Not gaming right now is essentially the same as being illiterate in the 16th Century. Imagine you couldn’t read. (Yes, I know, you’re actually reading at the moment, but work with me here.) Someone comes up to you with a bunch of paper tied together, in a leather backing. There are marks on the paper. […]

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Rant: Oldtimers Unbellyfeel Gaming

Right, that’s it. I’m pissed off, honest to blog. Recently someone I was corresponding with warned in grave fashion that video games were eating their children, that they enhance addictive tendencies and unchecked will consume all spare time to the exclusion of any other form of play. Here’s a medium that’s arguably more powerful than […]

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