London, YouTube Torched

Today, the Olympic torch is making its way through London, where I live. Of course, it’s being covered by all the media. There’s some tension: a lot of people in this city view the torch passing as the perfect opportunity to send a message to the powers in Beijing. The BBC covered the torch relay live. […]

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Shoot the President

Can games be journalism? Take a look at Exhibit A: JFK Reloaded, from now-defunct Scottish game studio Traffic Management Games. It’s a first-person shooter designed to accurately model what happened at about half-past noon on November 22, 1963. You are in the position of Lee Harvey Oswald – on the sixth floor of the Texas […]

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Soul Control

Just heard about a really intreresting project coming out of South London. It’s called Soul Control, and it’s about gangs and knife crime in the UK. Video just posted on YouTube: Another example of games tackling important current affairs issues.

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Massively Multiplayer Media

IBM is starting up an educational MMO – this time, it’s about environmental issues. In PowerUp, teams of players have to work together to save a planet from ecological apocalypse. NASA is doing it, IBM’s all over it, and the number of people playing MMOs worldwide is soaring.  my money is on massively multiplayer gaming […]

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Harpooned – an editorial point

You’ve heard about the Japanese whaling research expeditions in Antarctic waters. As a journalist, I naturally have no opinion about this, but there are at least three aussies who do, and they’ve just made an editorial game expressing them – Harpooned. Voila le traileur: Download and play the game for free at their website. UPDATE: […]

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Channel 4 – Scores!

Channel 4 Education has just announced that they’re scrapping a load of television content in favour of interactive web offerings. Media Guardian has the details. They’re cancelling a lot of Education TV – which makes sense, as most of it was on while the kids were in school. (How did that seem like a good […]

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Video Games and Current Affairs

Hope you liked the presentation. The slides are available here. I’m always happy to talk about it if you have any comments, questions, observations, reactions or responses. You can get my mail in the About section. Go on and check out the other posts if you’re in the mood for some more in-depth ramblings on […]

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