The Future of Journalism

Last November I was invited to talk about video games as journalism at the Future of Journalism conference, an internal BBC event run by the BBC College of Journalism. Since it was an internal event, it was all off the record, but the conference proceedings will be published as a book, and I’m contributing an […]

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BBC Games Air Crash – Almost

Interesting post over at the Georgia Tech Gaming and Journalism Blog. Ian Bogost writes about the BBC’s recent news piece with Rory Cellan-Jones, which used a flight sim to recreate the water landing of US Air flight 1549 in the Hudson River. Ian writes that BBC news could have taken things farther – instead of […]

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Barack Obama – Cover Boy

Watching Candidate Obama become President Obama has been interesting. One thing that’s caught my eye lately has been his treatment on newspaper and magazine covers. Pictures are worth a thousand tweets, so the saying goes, but the best thing about them is that you can say a lot without actually saying anything. For instance, check […]

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NPR Radio: Are Video Games Art?

National Public radio in the US has been running some interesting pieces on video games recently. Lately they’ve taken a stab at a question that becomes more and more important as gaming revenues continue to swell: Are video games art? Other media have a long history of relevant, moving social commentary. Movies and books lately […]

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Foreign Correspondents: Doomed

When I was growing up . . . OK, actually when I was in J-school, I wanted to be a foreign correspondent. Going to far-flung places, seeing the world, dodging bullets, meeting important people – it sounded like a really cool job. Shame they’re an endangered (doomed?) species. As part of a series of articles […]

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