BBC Panorama: Addicted to Games?

Tonight, BBC Panorama will air an episode about video game addiction. Here’s the trailer: That trailer is meant to shock, grab your attention and make you watch the piece – so naturally it exaggerates the tone of the documentary, for effect. It’s supposed to be incitatory. As always with this topic, the trailer has kicked […]

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Paywalls, in Norwegian

Kristine Lowe of the Norwegian Online News Association’s blog, picked up on my earlier post on paywalls. I speak a little Swedish, so I can just about understand a little Norwegian. But only just. So please forgive me if I’ve misunderstood. I’m not saying that the Times’ paywall system is necessarily the best answer. But […]

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Why do journalists focus on story so much? There are other ways of gaining and transmitting understanding. Stories are necessarily limited. A narrative has to use characters, locations, a clear plot. These are necessarily artificial – an abstraction of reality. What about complex systems? Like climate change. Like the national budget. The arms trade. Or […]

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