The intimacy of disaster: why journalism is personal, and the main challenge of 21st century media

I’m starting to see patterns in people’s memories of the 9/11 attacks. I’ve been reading a lot of people’s stories lately, as we’re collecting them over at Citizenside. When you’ve read enough of these recollections, you start seeing patterns. One motif keeps coming back time after time: the phone call from a loved one. At […]

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Hello Citizenside

It’s official – I’m the new Editor in Chief of Citizenside. There’s even a press release, if you’re into that sort of thing. Citizenside is a Paris-based startup that has become one of the world’s largest citizen journalism agencies. The concept is simple: now that many people carry a phone capable of taking photos and […]

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Stop Telling Stories

This is, more or less, the text of my presentation to the news:rewired conference at Microsoft HQ in London today. UPDATE: The BBC College of Journalism has posted video of my talk. Maybe journalists shouldn’t tell stories so much. Stories can be a great way of transmitting understanding about things that have happened. The trouble […]

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BBC Panorama: Addicted to Games?

Tonight, BBC Panorama will air an episode about video game addiction. Here’s the trailer: That trailer is meant to shock, grab your attention and make you watch the piece – so naturally it exaggerates the tone of the documentary, for effect. It’s supposed to be incitatory. As always with this topic, the trailer has kicked […]

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