A Four-Dimensional System for Quantifying Social Influence

Influencer marketing and engagement work continues to grow and become more complex. We need a robust framework for assessing (and ideally quantifying) a person’s level of influence. We can do this by breaking influence down into four dimensions: Relevance, Authority, Reach and Accessibility (the RARA system). Together, these dimensions allow a quantifiable, data-driven and robust […]

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Knockout: Facebook positions to take a piece of global Influencer marketing budgets

Image: Wikipedia Over the past few months, Facebook has made three changes to the way influencer marketing works. Together, these changes give Facebook Inc. a very strong position in influencer marketing, and a good shot at eating a big slice of the global influencer marketing money pie. So what have they done? First, they’ve made […]

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Real followers, fake followers, and real influence: fallout from the Devumi exposé

Influencers with millions of followers can command a lot of attention, and with that attention they can bring in a lot of media dollars. So when an article appears like the New York Times’ exposé article on the fake follower economy, it’s bound to shake things up. So is influencer marketing doomed? What’s really going on […]

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The Reach Delusion

Social validation, not reach, is the main advantage of an influencer marketing campaign. Influencers can give a marketing or communications campaign an advantage that nothing else can. What is it? A lot of people say “It’s reach! Influencers are a great way of reaching my millennial audience.” Yeah, maybe. But I’d argue that an influencer […]

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Why most influencer marketing fails

The wave has peaked, and we’re sliding down the frothy slope now: people have realized that most influencer marketing is bullshit. Thank God. It’s about time the industry saw some sense. A bit of context: this article appeared a couple of days ago in Digiday, featuring some revelations from an anonymous social media marketing exec. With nearly 37 […]

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