BeeBCamp 3 – the Wrap-Up

(This entry is cross-posted from the BeeBCamp blog) the London schedule board – image by Roo Reynolds It is done. BeeBCamp 3 has come and gone, leaving a trail of tweets, photos and blog posts strewn in its wake. With a total of 11 tables spread across 2 cities having simultaneous sessions, I can’t hope […]

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It LIVES! BeeBCamp is back

BeeBCamp 3 is coming, and man am I excited. This has been in the works for quite a while. Finally we can let you all know about the imminent innovative awesomeness. In the wake of BeeBCamp 1 and BeeBCamp 2, BeeBCamp 3 is going to continue inviting people from across the BBC into a roiling […]

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BeeBCamp on Paper

Ariel, the BBC’s newspaper, ran an article on BeeBCamp today. (It’s on page 14 of the PDF). Feels nice to be mentioned. But it’s got me wondering. It’s funny, isn’t it, that everyone likes to see their name printed on paper? Any social media/gaming type out there feels good when they get blogged about, linked […]

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Down With Channel Controllers?

In the aftermath of BeeBCamp, Jason DaPonte had a cool idea. The BBC is a public service broadcaster, right? It exists to serve the public, rather than make a profit, and it is funded directly by the public, through the licence fee. So wouldn’t it make sense that the public should decide what goes on […]

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BeeBCamp2 – The Morning After

UPDATE: I can’t keep track of all the blog posts, videos and bhotos that have been posted as a result of BeeBCamp2. Should have known that trying to manually catalogue the internet was futile. So there’s plenty below, but for anything posted after 23 Feb 2009, your best bet is here. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: BEEBCAMP 2. […]

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