Update: BBC Video Games “Not Addictive”

Comedy gold. In anticipation of this documentary and ensuing flame-wars, the head of communications for BBC Worldwide, Phil Fleming, has announced that the BBC’s own games are “absolutely not addictive”.

Fleming suggested the firm’s own game output is completely safe in the hands of minors.

“The games that we do are family-based, they’re not about traditional firearms, the games are about using your brain.”

The article is brimming with unintentional hilarity. I wonder exactly what Fleming means about ‘traditional firearms’. Does that mean that games about contemporary fire-arms would be OK for the BBC to make? What about pre-gunpowder weaponry? So God of War would be OK then?

How exactly do you make a game about traditional fire-arms, anyhow? I’ve played plenty of games with firearms in them, but the game is usually about mercenaries or soldiers or gangsters or other people who generally have cause to use said weaponry.

And how, exactly, am I not using my brain when playing Halo or Red Dead Redemption?

. . . I’ll stop there. Fleming clearly needs to play more video games before commenting on them. From this excerpt, BBC Worldwide seems quite out of touch with the medium.

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