Get your game on – GameCamp 2 is coming for you

The original GameCamp was the first unconference I ever went to. It was a fascinating day of discussion about games and gaming, from the tabletop to the console and everything in between. It was inspiring and exhilarating, and left me with a new idea of what was possible, as a good unconference should.

At the time, I felt like I had more to listen than talk about when it came to gaming, and I didn’t know much about unconferences, either. Among other sessions, I heard James Wallis run a prescient session about how ARGs would soon die, and Adrian Hon describe Civilization III played as a massively multiplayer political game. The only session I ran myself  was one on how to kill someone with a single strike (in real life).

Well, you talk about what you know.

Now the circle is complete: GameCamp is back, and it’s coming for you. This time I’m one of the organizers, along with the uber-leet Rain Ashford, Rachel Clarke, Katy Lindemann, Mark Simpkins and James Wallis.

Got Game? Come to GameCamp

I won’t copy-n’-paste what’s on the GameCamp homepage. If you want to find out in detail what the event is all about, when and where it’ll be, get over there.

If you’re a gamer, developer, critic, coder, artist, designer, player or pundit, this is an event you don’t want to miss. There are plenty of industry conventions, but nothing else brings people together from across the gamut of gaming. When people with different approaches to a common interest meet, you’d be amazed what kind of creativity can be unleashed.

Places will be very limited – only 150 in total – and they’ll be released via Eventbrite.

The first round of tickets will go live at 12:00 noon on Friday, March 12th. Be on the ball, as they’ll go quick!

We’ll release more tickets in subsequent rounds. Stay tuned to Twitter for the latest.

Really got game? How about sponsoring GameCamp?

We’ve got some fantastic sponsors on board, but as my partners in crime have noted, we’re still looking for some more sweet sponsors to join us. If you think your company could cover the cost of, say, lunch and thereby earn the love and admiration of an important & influential sector of the British games community, then please drop me or anyone else on the committee a line – philip at gamecamp dot org dot uk).

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