Backup your hard drive: it’s lose/lose

loseloseHere’s something really cool. lose/lose is a video game the plays like an old-school space shoot-’em-up. It’s got your vertically scrolling spacescape, full of presumably hostile aliens. It’s got your lone gunship out to destroy them all. And it’s got one hell of a twist.

Each little alien sprite you encounter on your deadly cruise through space is procedurally generated from an actual file on your hard disk. That accounts for the endless variety in their looks. The twist is that the alien sprites are also linked to the files they spawned from – so every time you shoot an alien, the original file is deleted. Watching someone play is a cringe-inducing experience. Every time an alien explodes, there’s a little shower of pixel-debris, leaving behind a ghostly file name that fades into the background.

If you die, the game deletes itself.

I think it’s clever. What do you think?

(via Raph Koster)

One thought on “Backup your hard drive: it’s lose/lose

  1. The cool thing is the fact that the game grounds you in reality, it makes your actions meaningful. Because you can’t know what the files are (they;re not just your recycle bin) you actually care, you have a fear. It’s interesting and could be put to great effect in teaching. It’s also a little ender’s game, as the consequence is manifest after the action. Good stuff.

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