Authenticity Rules: Spending to look Cheap

Here’s a wicked little vid:

Wow – that dude and his friends must really love Guitar Hero, huh? Yeah, they must. Them and the ad company that made that vid with some slick CG effects. Turns out it was Activision, all along, pulling the viral meme strings like some amorphous transmedia demon.

Still, it is cool. The coolest thing about it, for me, is the extreme lengths that Droga5 and Activision went through, to make this look like a pod-and-paper thing put together by a bunch of dedicated college students. It’s like Okami or Defcon – intentionally looking more low-tech, even though there’s a lot of high-tech processing going on behind the scenes.

Why do this? Why look low-tech when there’s nothing stopping you from putting mega-flashy supervids up on YouTube?

Authenticity sells . . .

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