Save the Video Game

This is amusing.

GameCity has launched a campaign to Save the Video Game.

OK, so the video game isn’t exactly under threat, even if there’s plenty of talk in that direction from people like Susan Greenfield.

But it’s a good thought experiment.

If I were contributing to the archive, my top three would be Civilization, Riven, and Half Life.

What would you put in?

8 thoughts on “Save the Video Game

  1. Deus Ex, for sure. That game totally pwns. Combination of great gameplay and deep, thought-provoking subject matter = WIN. I wish someone would do a re-make in Source or something, that would be ace.

    Beyond Good & Evil – totally cool, I agree. One of the best most engaging stories I’ve ever played, and out of Montreal, too.

    But The Longest Journey? Really? It was OK, I suppose – but you’d choose that over Halo, for instance? No way . . .

  2. I would choose it over Halo, actually. The first Halo game was great, but not the greatest fps. If we’re only taking 3 games each, my fps is DX. TLJ is the greatest game of it’s type, a genre that richly deserves to be be in the theoretical museum. I also just love that game, which is reason enough for me.

    for the records, I had a hard time leaving FF3(us), HL2, portal, and Chrono Trigger off the list.

    Well, no worries. Vince will probably swoop in to save CT!

  3. See, thing is that I don’t think DX is a First-Person Shooter. It’s more of a First-Person RPG with heavy action elements. The gameplay is more similar to Morrowind with guns than to Halo, say.

    I draw the line at dialogue. Any game where you get to decide what you say, and where what you say has an effect on the story/gameplay, isn’t a pure FPS.

  4. 1- Civilization is an excellent choice, and one that would be on my list, too.
    2- Fallout 2.
    3- Chrono-Trigger. Rusty called it!

    Games I’d bring in under Rusty’s name so that I could be happy at his expense:

    i- The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    ii- Descent: Freespace
    iii- Deux Ex

  5. Well, I’m glad someone chose Chrono Trigger – it’s a phenomenal game, and remains both totally playable and highly enjoyable despite being more than 15 years old. What great mechanics that game has!

    Alos, you can feel free to put Ocarina under my name, and I already chose DX… but Descent? I think I’ve played that game for about 2.5 minutes. Was it really that good?

    …actually, Descent is one more reason it would be nice if Dak wasn’t too good to post on the blogs. I’m sure he could offer some insight, and his list of games would probably have some interesting stuff on it too.

    also hard to leave off the list – Shogun: Total War, Mercenaries, and motherf*cking XCOM.

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