Design Game, Save World

You think that headline is a joke? It may seem funny, but check out the best thing to come out of GDC this year: this rant by Jane McGonigal.

Here are her slides.

Watch it. Awesomeness. It has catalyzed a deep vein of enthusiasm in my mind, now pumping out with caffeine-accellerated energy. More coherent reviews and thoughts to come.

I’m off to save the world now.

2 thoughts on “Design Game, Save World

  1. She is brilliant isn’t she. Do you think my wife will mind if I start sending Jane inappropriate emails? 😀

  2. What really hits me about that presentation is the list of heroes. Alice Taylor and Matt Locke are on it. They’re in charge of Channel 4 Education in the UK. I assume they’re on the list because they just dropped all the TV content for education and went to gaming instead. Brave move.

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