Soul Control

Just heard about a really intreresting project coming out of South London. It’s called Soul Control, and it’s about gangs and knife crime in the UK. Video just posted on YouTube:

Another example of games tackling important current affairs issues.

5 thoughts on “Soul Control

  1. Great find. I’m really energised by this kind of creativity. It’ll be good see what the feedback is they get from the people that play the game. I think gaming can play a great part in positive roll play, and with subject matter as important as this, I think that any way you can create discussion out of it is a good thing.

  2. I’m surprised you didn’t share this with us over at Objective 514. Keeping all the good stuff for yourself, eh? Clever devil.

    This is an interesting project. It’s refreshing to see a title about inner-city gangs that doesn’t glorify that life, but rather attempts to illustrate its shortcomings. Do the makers of Soul Control yet have a method of distribution that will make the game easily accessible to its target audience?

  3. Oh, c’mon Tanith. I cross-posted McGonigal. I had no idea you’d be interested in knife crime in South London!

    I do think it’s a cool project, but I don’t know how they’ll distribute. Hardware access and audience media habits could hamper distribution: the people they’re targetting tend to play mobile games, or maybe console, not PC titles.

    Still, the project evolves . . . I’ll post updates if I get more info.

  4. It’ll be available to download free from the SoulControl website, and available on a bunch of different magazine covers etc.

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