Games as Art? . . . Who cares?

Interesting article in Gamasutra a couple of days ago. (I know, I know, I’m late with this – but I’ve been working on other stuff lately.)

Jim Preston wades hip deep into the “Are video games art?” debate. Rather than concluding yes or no, he suggests (correctly, I’d say)  that the point is moot:

As the video game generation grows older and more influential, the “is it art?” debate will be won by context and simple attrition. Gamers will have grown up with them, and the cranks in meatspace will slowly die off.

None of this is really to say that games are in fact art (although Duchamp himself thought that one game, chess, was purer than art). Instead, I am merely suggesting a strategy about how games could actually come to be accepted as art.

Sounds sound.

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